Green and red color contact lenses make it look very brightly lit. Not only that , if contact lenses are usually only cover the black eye on the ball , then this is precisely the contact lenses cover your entire eyeball
Initially it may seem normal, but when viewed more closely , the eye with the contact lens will look on. In fact , your eyes can emit light sparkling diamond bathtub expensive in general .
A strange patterned contact lenses ball has been created by a contact lens company in Germany .
Wara very lit blood red makes your eyes look so sad and terrible . There is no beauty that is displayed side by contact lenses . However , this unique contact lens was created not only as something new and exciting . However , contact lenses this blood has the function to reduce excessive sunlight coming into your eyes
If you see it , definitely terbesit in mind that you are very cute contact lens nan adorable . it is true , contact lenses have a very bright yellow color for cheerful impression . In addition , in the midst of contact lenses there are shades of smile that makes anyone who sees it will also delight and exasperation .
What about you Guys? interested in using it??